Fischer Amps Mini Body Pack XLR

Fischer Amps Mini Body Pack XLR

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The Mini Body Pack is a brilliant tool for use with headphones or in ear monitoring either live or in the studio. It is fixed at a belt with a clip. The cable coming from the headphone amp is plugged in the bottom side of the Body Pack and is locked to avoid that it is inadvertently pulled out.

A 1/8" stereo plug for the headphone or the in ear earphone as well as a passive stereo volume control are at the top so that the volume can be controlled directly at the belt.

The Mini Body Packs are very sturdy and roadworthy: aluminium housing, stainless stell clip, Neutrik plug connectors. The volume control has 41 detent positions and is a plastic rotary knob with fine rubber cover.

Dimensions LxWxH: 95 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight: 0.085 kg
Input: 1x XLR female (for MBP XLR)
  1x 1/4" stereo plug, locked (for MBP Jack)
Output: 1/8" stereo plug for in ear systems
Volume Control: (yes) passive stereo volume control


Schematic Mini Body Pack XLR: Mini-BP-XLR-schematic.pdf