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With over 25 years of experience in rechargeable technology, LMS Group offers only the finest pro-grade rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for wireless mics, in-ear monitors, and other wireless technology. From production companies that include the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Katy Perry, Rob Thomas, Blue Man Group, Nine Inch Nails as well as thousands of schools, universities, churches and touring musicians, LMS provides money-saving, planet-saving rechargeable solutions.

Our Clients Speak

Ansmann is a game charger for me."


"Now I've done over 30 years - at lot of tours -- and have spent stupid amounts of money on batteries and I've thrown away and wasted so many batteries. The Ansmann stuff is beyond a game changer for me -- it's consistency with no waste and reliability at the same time. This is all I use from now on."

Daniel "Borga" O'Neil, Rob Thomas Tour

We thank you very, very much Ansmann Rechargeables!


“I use Ansmann batteries for Wireless Microphone and In-Ear systems for all the Cirque du Soleil shows I work on. They work very well for us and are very reliable. We are doing 10 shows a week.”

Jean-Michele Caron, Project Manager Cirque du SoleilAuthor's name

We were throwing away $400 each year in disposable batteries."

“We were throwing away about $400 each year at our church, not to mention their effect on landfills. Now we have several chargers in key locations for our high use devices and we know they’ll work every single day.”

Travis Lee Moser, Technical Director Morning Star Fellowship