Battery Box 48 for AA, AAA, 9V
Battery Box 48 for AA, AAA, 9V
Battery Box 48 for AA, AAA, 9V

Battery Box 48 for AA, AAA, 9V

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Practical storage box for up to 24x AA, 20x AAA and 4x 9V block-style batteries / rechargeable batteries.

Perfect protection and transportation for your standard batteries & rechargeable batteries

With the practical storage box from ANSMANN, you have your rechargeable batteries together, organized and protected at all times! There is space for a total of 44 cells in the storage box: 24x AA, 20x AAA and 4x 9V batteries. This ensures that you always have your most often used standard batteries or rechargeable batteries close at hand, whether you are at home or on the road.

Put an end to accidental charge leakage! No more short-circuits!

In the battery box, the 9V batteries are not only very tidy, but they are also ideally protected from moisture and dust. Most of all, the box's tidy storage of the batteries protects them from the annoying discharging that often occurs when batteries are left lying around loose or when being transported. The use of the storage box can also prevent cells being short-circuited.
Your standard batteries and rechargeable batteries are ideally protected from dust and moisture in the re-sealable box with its robust lid.

Best workmanship

As with all ANSMANN products, only the best materials are used for the battery box. The closure system is reliable and safe. The rechargeable batteries are ideally "nullified" in the box during transportation. Naturally, the sealing flap is robust and extremely easy to open and close.

Including wall-mounting

The box has practical mounting eyes on the rear. This enables the box to be easily mounted on the wall with the screws provided.

Our tip:

If you also wish to store empty batteries - simply lay these in the storage box upside-down.

Box features:

  • Sturdy battery storage box made from robust plastic - suitable for AAA, AA, and 9V  rechargeable batteries or standard batteries
  • Includes battery tester - the capacity is indicated on an easy-to-read LCD display
  • All of your batteries are always stored safely and tidily with the well arranged box.
  • No more empty batteries in the box
  • The re-sealable box has space for 24x AA, 20x AAA and 4x 9V batteries / rechargeable batteries
  • The battery box can be fastened to the wall with the practical hanging eyes (2 screws and wall plugs included)
  • The robust plastic lid provides ideal protection from moisture and dust
  • Protection from short-circuits and mechanical stresses for the batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • 2 years manufacturer's guarantee