Ansmann AA 2850 mah High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries-Hybrid

Ansmann AA 2850 mah High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries-Hybrid

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Ansmann 2850 mah AA NimH rechargeable battery. 

The best just got better.  Now you can have the highest true capacity available in a AA battery with the convenience of low discharge.

  • High capacity batteries are great, but they suffer from high self-discharge - as much as 60% per month -- which means you have to leave them on the charger to maintain 100% capacity. The new Ansmann HYBRID 2850 mah only loses 5% of power per month. More than 10x less the standard 2850. 

    Plus, when used with high drain devices, you can achieve up to 1000 recharges, instead of 300. 

    • Strongest and longest rechargeable batteries on the planet.
    • Just 5% per month self-discharge
    • Great for wireless mics, digital cameras and more.
    • Engineered for long run-time and high recycles.
    • Why use alkaline batteries when you can get up to 1000 recycles with this high capacity rechargeable battery? 
    • Cost a little more than consumer grade, but yields up to 1000 recycles instead of a 100
    • 2-year warranty.