4 in 1 Travel Light 12 pc Display

4 in 1 Travel Light 12 pc Display

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Product Description

The all-rounder for outside

Whether traveling, camping or hiking – with this super bright and practical LED lamp you are not left in the dark. With different light functions the lamp can be used as a torch, nightlight or warning light.

The design is compact and handy, easily fitting in a jacket pocket or backpack. This lamp is a useful accessory for all outdoor activities.  A must for every vehicle in your household

High luminosity with three light functions

This high performance and long-lasting flashlight with LED technology has a lighting time up to 17 hours. The lamp is switched on and off with the robust push button. It offers 4 light functions: white SMD-LED in the middle as a floodlight, 4 white SMD-LEDs as a nightlight; 3 red SMD LED use-able as emergency light or flashing warning light.

Wireless and flexible

With the included 3 AAA batteries, the light is ready to use. With its handy hanging clip and magnet it can be fixed just about anywhere, eg; on a tent pole, branch or anywhere else suitable, including metallic objects.

Versatile applications

Not only can it be used while camping or other outdoor activities but also in and around the home, in the garden shed as an additional light or in the car as an emergency light. The gentle light can also be used as a reading lamp at night.


  • Super bright LED multi-functional lamp
  • Usable as night light, torch, emergency light / warning light
  • Compact, handy and light – perfect for traveling, camping or hiking
  • Use it around the home as an emergency light or in-car as warning light
  • Robust push button with 4 light functions (white SMD-LED light in the middle as torch, 4 white SMD-LEDs as night light; 3 red SMD LED use-able as emergency light or flashing warning light)
  • The max. brightness is 85 Lumen (night light, 4 white LEDs) and 190 Lux (torch, white LED in the middle)
  • The lamp has a lighting time of approx. 17 hours
  • It is equipped with a strong magnet on the back and an integrated fold-out hanging clip
  • Incl. 3 pieces AAA batteries
  • Powerful and long-lasting LED technology
  • High quality ABS plastic housing

Each travel light retails for ~$11.99

12 pc display